The choice of the law applicable to the employment relationship

In employment relationship, like in any contractual relationship, the parties are entitled to choose the governing law of the contract (relationship). The choice of the law applicable to the contractual relationship, including the employment relationship, is possible even if the relationship is related to the law of only one country. In such a situation, the effects of the choice are very limited, because they can not violate the mandatory provisions of the state in which all elements of the factual situation of the contractual relationship (employment relationship) are located. If the contractual relationship is linked to the law of different countries, the choice of law applicable to this relationship is fully effective (subject to specific restrictions relating only to the employment relationship). The choice of law can not limit the protection of an employee guaranteed to him by the mandatory provisions of a state whose law would be appropriate if the parties had not made a choice. In addition, in the case of the delegation of an employee, the effects of selection are again limited by the minimum requirements of the law of the State of delegation for certain basic conditions.